Wednesday, November 22, 2017

बिकणाची चटणी- Peanut Chutney

1 cup of raw, shelled peanuts (about 200 gms)बिकणा
1 tsp Red mirchi  powder (मिरसांगेचो पिठो )
4-5 pods of garlic (लसूण)
1 tsp cumin seeds(जिरे)
1 tsp salt (मीठ)

Roast peanuts on low flame until they are roasted very nicely.
Let peanuts cool down and remove the skin.
Roast cumin seeds for 2 minutes
Pulse peanuts, salt and cumin seeds.
Add red chilly powder and  garlic and pulse for few seconds.
Store in an air tight container.
Serve with Roti, Rice, Dosa.

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