Friday, May 17, 2013

Ragi/Nachani Bhakari

Ragi or Nachani is high in vitamins. You can make sweet such as satva or roti out of Ragi. For variations you can also add onion, green chilli, jaggery and coconut.


 3 cups nachni flour

1 cup wheat flour


Water for kneading (use of warm water is preferred)

 1.       Knead together nachni flour, wheat flour and salt with warm water and keep covered for about ½ hour.
2.       Roll out the roti and put it on tava, when done from one side and half done pn other, put it on direct flame to puff the roti.
Eat it with spicy vegetable or curry.
As you become more experience in rolling nachani bakari, decrease the quantity of wheat flour and increase nachani flour.

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